Estate Fencing


Pioneers of the continuously welded Estate fence, our fencing is designed and built to last for generations.

Estate fencing, ‘park railings’ or ‘parkland fencing’ is traditionally manufactured in wrought iron and has been long associated with country Estates and rural parks. Today, with the exception of some heritage restorations, railings are formed from mild steel, materials primarily sourced in the UK.

Made & installed properly, continuous welded Estate fencing is the strongest, most long lasting method of defining field or garden boundaries and retaining stock. It represents a subtle elegance, a fence with thin continuous welded section is less intrusive and much more flexible than other types of fence designs. We manufacture matching Estate gates for all types of our fencing.

See our gallery below for examples.

Most Estate fencing is painted black but we can apply any colour on the RAL paint chart, we have used many colours over the years and would be happy to discuss and advise. With any of our fencing that is to be painted the steel bars are shot blasted and treated with an anti-rust primer before they arrive on site. We then re-prime after welding and spray paint the fence 2 topcoats on site once fitted. Whilst this provides very good anti rust protection please note that paintwork on both wrought iron and mild steel Estate fencing requires maintenance every few years.

Rust 1.png
Rust 2.png
Rust 3.png

Construction of our continuous welded Estate fencing is completed on site. Posts are driven 600- 900mm deep,6m lengths of solid bar are threaded in a staggered pattern to ensure no fence upright carries all the joints. Welds are cleaned, prepped and painted on site with a high content zinc primer and two topcoats.

The result is a traditional seamless fence with no visible joints, linking collars or clips. This means greater strength and flexibility, and a fence that will hug contours and follow graceful natural curves, or clean tight circles, or the shape of a driveway/ entrance. This is the real thing, not to be confused with the ‘Modular’ Estate fencing which is usually imported and sold in kit form, and we will guarantee its longevity.


"I am consistently impressed by your company. You start when you say you will start, the work is always immaculate.Your men are always very hard working, communicative and thoughtful. Many thanks for another very well done job, and I will always recommend the company for all my projects."

— Landscape Architect, Gloucestershire