Robust and wear resistant our extensive range of field gates blend in beautifully with our Estate fencing while providing secure and practical access.  

Field gates are an integral part of any estate fence when dealing with land that requires vehicle or livestock access. Not only can they add function and feature to your fence they have the advantage of being far more durable and hard wearing than their wooden counterparts as well as minimising their visual impact on the landscape. 

Our field Gates are usually set within a run of Estate Fencing and therefore match the dimensions and style of the fence. We offer both single and double field gates. Single field gates start at 1.5m up to a max of 3.6m and double field gates start at 3.6 and up to 7m.

See our gallery below for examples.

curve gate white.png
Three bar diaognal white.png

All of our gates are manufactured by our skilled team of fabricators, engineers or in house blacksmith. All of our standard gates are made from British mild steel and are designed, welded and fettled in our workshop. Each gate is meticulously, designed, manufactured and checked before being either primed for painting, zinc coated or cleaned depending on the desired finish. 

All of our field gates come in a single and double option.

Double field gates white.png

As with our Estate fencing all of our Estate gates can be finished in bare metal or painted in an RAL colour of your choosing. Any gate that is due to be painted is spray coated with zinc prior to painting, this protects from rust and corrosion in the same manner as galvanising but has a reduced environmental impact. All gates are then given a first coat of paint in the workshop and a second once fitted on site. 

Rust 1.png
Rust 2.png
Rust 3.png


"I am consistently impressed by your company. You start when you say you will start, the work is always immaculate.Your men are always very hard working, communicative and thoughtful. Many thanks for another very well done job, and I will always recommend the company for all my projects."

— Landscape Architect, Gloucestershire