With a number of options available including cast iron, our range of traditional and decorative posts are the ideal paring for any gateway.

Britannia produces a number of post and finial options for you to choose from. We have two distinct categories of post - Steel and Cast Iron. 


Another vitally important element to an Estate fence is the posts, other than the standard fencing stakes we provide a number of larger posts which are used for gates and end posts. These come in mild steel and cast iron format. Both are functional, hard wearing and extremely durable. They are available in a number of finishes to match our fencing and gates. Our posts are dug into the ground to a minimum of (2.5ft?) and are stabilised and concreted allowing for decades of unencumbered usage. 

Our steel posts come in square and round format - in a number of standard dimensions dependant on the gate or fencing they are paired with. They are made from lengths of hollow steel and come with simple capped tops or a finial of your choosing. All steel post and finial combinations are hand fabricated in our workshop and installed as a single welded post. 


Traditionally cast iron posts were a staple of the victorian era and many of these are still in place across the UK. We produce our posts using the same techniques in our foundry in Hertfordshire, taking influence from a period where manufacturers took time to produce quality and long lasting items. Our cast posts come in a variety of sizes with the finial forming part of the casting. 

All our cast posts are slightly tapered, this denotes them being replicated in the true sense.