Estate Fencing

Estate fencing corner

Usually required at either end of a fencing run or where the fence turns at right angles; we offer a range of traditional and contemporary end posts. Ranging from our standard and discrete hollow square post to the cast iron corner posts. 

Lamb wire quadrant

Traditionally Estate fencing was designed to be used as a boundary fence and for use in deer parks etc. As a result a traditional Estate fence is ideal for containing most livestock however despite popular belief, Estate fencing is never fully sheep proof as young lambs can often find their way through the lower gaps of a fence. To combat this problem we can drill and wire the gaps mid rail to making them lamb proof. This can be easily removed at any time. 

Traditional rabbit netting along estate fencing

whether it is to keep the dogs in or the rabbits out, we provide two options to suit your requirements. Rabbit netting is dug into the ground and outwards to prevent digging and dog netting is attached to the full height of the fence.

Estate fencing insulators

Especially useful if you have opted for a painted finish on your fencing, we can adapt standard electric insulators and attach these to the fence using either welding or bolts. This will prevent livestock rubbing against the fence which will increase the longevity of the painted finish.

Traditional cattle grid

Cattle grids are often a key feature in a driveway so it's important that they reflect the style and quality of the fencing leading up to them. We provide cattle grid sides either incorporating quadrants or simple post and rail depending on preference. 

Quadrant and estate fencing

The traditional way to decoratively finish a fence line on the edge of water, end of a wall or ha-ha. Our handmade welded quadrants provide the ideal elegant finish to a fence and can be built to match the dimensions of any fence

Estate fencing step stile

Providing access across a fence without the need for a gate, we offer simple steps, ladder stile or pedestrian hurdle. These are hand made from steel in our workshop and can be built to suit the dimensions of any fence.