The malleable nature of steel and the experience of our engineers allow us to offer an almost unlimited range of bespoke options.

Britannia's advantage really comes through with our bespoke fencing, due to our unique service offering a consultation with our experts, as a client you can design your fence to suit your individual requirements while using our technical expertise for reference. 

Our highly skilled on site teams can hand bend and create completely unique fencing options. As with all of our fencing, every step is done by hand and finished to the highest standard.

See our gallery below for examples.

white bespoke fence vector.png

With our bespoke fencing options we are able to work to your specifications when it comes to the measurements. This includes adding or subtracting the number of horizontal rails or finishing the fencing to a specified height. 

Most Estate fencing is painted black but we can use any colour on the RAL paint chart and we have used many colours over the years and would be happy to discuss and advise. In any case, the steel bars are shot blasted and treated with an anti-rust primer before it arrives on site. We then re-prime after welding and spray paint the fence 2 topcoats on site once fitted. Whilst this provides very good anti rust protection please note that paintwork on both wrought iron and mild steel Estate fencing requires maintenance every few years.

Rust 1.png
Rust 2.png
Rust 3.png

As previously mentioned there are endless bespoke fencing options, some of the more common options can be the simple addition or subtraction of rails. other options include round rail, shaped finish and wall fencing. Examples of which can all be seen in our gallery below. 

One of the advantages of our method of Estate or park fencing is its adaptability. Fence height can be varied, as can the number or spacing of lower rails. Lower rails can be round or flat steel bar. This means we can match the spec of any old or existing fencing or tailor the fence to match existing gates.



"I am consistently impressed by your company. You start when you say you will start, the work is always immaculate.Your men are always very hard working, communicative and thoughtful. Many thanks for another very well done job, and I will always recommend the company for all my projects."

— Landscape Architect, Gloucestershire